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About EC Management

The EC Management dream started around 2007 with the main purpose of buying, remodeling and selling properties. Due to the economic recession of 2008 we decided to turn around and start renting properties. Over the years we have added new properties to our portfolio. We excel in the maintenance, management and complete marketing of the properties, which has been key to our success, as we have managed to keep the houses rented for long periods of time; being so that the oldest tenants have over 9 years with us.

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Keep your home in great shape with our maintenance coordination team on your side. We coordinate repairs & make sure all work meets our standards and yours.

Property Inspections

We visit every home in our portfolio regularly to identify potential problems.

Financial Reporting

Our team generates monthly financial reports for your review upon your request, making it easy to monitor your performance and crunch the numbers at any time.

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