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Follow the steps below to get started.

3 Step Application Process

Step 1 - Prepare

- Photograph Documents for Upload

   - Driver's License or ID

   - Proof of Income

- Gather last 3 years of residential history (rent, own, other).

Step 2 - Online Application

- $50 Application Fee per applicant (must be paid with a credit card).

   - Optional fee of an additional  $30 for expedited processing & review (1-2 Workdays).

- Applicants under 21 may require a guarantor.

Application Form

Step 3 - Pet Screening

All properties are different. Pets must be approved by the property owner. Please submit an application if the property you are applying for permits pets. Please submit one of the following pet profiles:

- Household Pet (1 profile each pet)

- Assistance Animal (1 profile for each pet)

Pet Approval Request


- Keep in mind that the application process is highly competitive and you are competing against other applicants.

- It can take up to 3-5 workdays to review and process your application.

- You will receive an email to inform you of the status of your application.

- Application Status Includes:

#1 Approved

#2 Conditionally Approved (doubled deposit)

#3 Denied 

- Once Approved, you must sign a lease and pay the deposit within 48 hours and first month rent by moving day at the latest.