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Toilet and Plumbing Problems

Toilet Clogs

If your toilet clogs, you can usually use a plunger to push the blockage through the system. Avoid flushing the toilet when clogged, as this could cause the toilet to overflow.

Drain Problems

If other drains in your rental are clogged or draining slowly, you can use a drain cleaning tool to attempt to clear debris from the pipe. These are available in most hardware stores. Be careful when using cleaning products, as some corrosive products could cause damage to the plumbing system.

Electrical Outages

If you lose electrical power in your rental property, first call your utility provider. There may be a system wide outage impacting your home.

Circuit Breaker Tripped?
If you overload the electrical circuit in your property, you may cause the breaker to trip. Locate your breaker and move the lever into the "ON" position to restore access to your power.

Hot Water Issues

If you don't have enough hot water or lose access completely, locate your water heater and check the tank settings. Some tanks have vacation modes that may limit the amount of water available. If your hot water heater is gas powered, you should also check that the pilot light is lit. You may also call your utility provider. There may be an outage impacting your home.

If you make any changes to the settings on the tank, wait 15 to 20 minutes before testing the water temperature again.

No Heat or Air Conditioning

If your heating or air conditioning system isn't working properly, locate the central thermostat in your rental property. Check that all settings are correct and cycle the system on and off again to attempt to reset it. If you continue having issues, get in touch with our team.

My maintenance issue is an emergency!

If you are in a dangerous situation where your personal safety is threatened, call 911 for immediate assistance.

Still having problems?

If you need additional assistance with a non-emergent maintenance problem, please send us a repair request.
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